Open Embeddable Assessments

For a while, we’ve been talking with Wiley and Brandon about the idea of open embeddable assessments. Now, with funding from MIT OEIT, we have started doing something about it. The idea is pretty simple: Embed assessments anywhere Our approach at Open Tapestry has always been small parts, loosely joined. The Open Assessments project follows in that … Continue reading

Impacts of OER and Student/Faculty Feedback

Lots of people are tooting their horns about Open Education Resources (OERs) and how great they are (including us). But really, HOW great are they? It seems that if education systems are really going to buy into the whole “open learning” thing, they need some cold, hard facts laid in front of them. So today, … Continue reading

4 Tips for Teaching Students to Read

Hello! I’m Beth, and I work at Open Tapestry as an Education Specialist. I’ll be dropping in now and then to offer some tricks of the trade that I’ve discovered as a teacher, and I’d love to hear from other teachers out there about ways to improve learning. One subject that I’ve found to be … Continue reading

Turkeys: Get Out While You Can

To all of you American turkeys out there, this is the week that has given you nightmares for months, and for that, I am truly sorry. To all of you American humans, this is the week of Thanksgiving, and what better way to give thanks than to indulge in gluttony, am I right? ;) In … Continue reading

MOOCs – Friend or Foe??

2012 has been dubbed “The Year of the MOOC” (Massive Open Online Course) because of the huge amount of attention that MOOCs have received. Don’t know what a MOOC is? See a quick definition here. Along with all the publicity they’ve been getting, there’s been a good deal of controversy surrounding MOOCs too. Arguments questioning the … Continue reading

Link to Free Webinar on Open Content

Here it is! We just received the link to our session at the 2012 Global Education Conference. Join us on Friday at 11 AM MST to see how Open Tapestry helps users leverage open content for global education. Joel, our CEO, will be presenting, and it should be a great session! So tell your friends! … Continue reading

What are open licenses?

I hope everyone is recovered from Election Day this week! It’s been an intense battle over the last several months, and I’ve got to be honest, it’s nice to have it all over with. If you read my silly poem last week on open content, you’ll recall that it was the first  of a series of … Continue reading